Why is Alcohol Addictive?

why is alcohol addictiveWhy is alcohol addictive?  One reason alcohol is so addictive is because it is considered an acceptable social activity and a social drinker often finds they have developed an alcohol addiction after repeated weekend drinking sessions.  Alcohol is legal and is easy for underage kids to gain access to, and this contributes even more to the number of alcohol addictions today.  Most teens admit they have tried alcohol more than once and many use alcohol on a regular basis. Alcoholism in teens is devastating because they often drop out of school or engage in risky behavior that is often fatal.  It is sad to see young lives wasted in this manner over something that could have been prevented or changed with help from a professional treatment program.

Going From Bad Habit to Alcoholism

When people drink alcohol, whether it is beer, wine or liquor, the alcohol slows down neurotransmitters in the brain, and this can cause the drinker to do things and say things that they wouldn’t normally do or that they will regret later on after the alcohol has worn off.  Even after having negative experiences with alcohol, a person will continue drinking again and again just so they can enjoy the “high”.  Endorphins and dopamine in the brain kills pain and causes the drinker to feel a sense of relaxation and well-being.  This often leads a person to think they need a drink after work or after a stressful situation to ease themselves.  This type of alcohol use can quickly become a habit that can soon turn into alcoholism.

Why is alcohol addictive? Alcohol is addictive because it gives a person confidence while they are drinking.  People tend to relax and be more hopeful and cheerful while drinking.  Alcohol will play with the mind and body and make you think and feel totally opposite of reality.  A wallflower could end up being the life of the party after drinking alcohol, and that makes them feel like they need to drink alcohol to fit in.

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