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Drug Dabbing: The Dangerous Way Teens are Getting High

drug dabbing

The trends of substance abuse tend to fluctuate quite regularly as time goes on.  One substance or method of use becomes extremely prominent for some time and then lessens as a new one comes in.  Of course, there tend to be separate trends for each category of substances as well. As far as the trends […]

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Self-Medicating with Ambien: How to Recognize You Have a Problem

self-medicating with ambien

There are many medications out there that can be extremely beneficial for addressing various medical problems within our society.  Unfortunately, many of these medications can also be highly addictive.  One type of medication that has helped a large amount of individuals is Ambien, but it is also one of the types that can be highly […]

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Addiction vs. Dependence: Why They Aren’t the Same

There are many different sides to the subject of addiction, and there have been a multitude of various labels and terms used to describe it as well.  Two terms that tend to be some of the most commonly confused are addiction and dependence.  Both of these have characteristics that link them together, but they are […]

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