Effects of Substance Abuse

Effects of Substance AbuseThe effects of substance abuse are often felt by not only the individual but also family, friends, and society. These effects are also felt on many different levels. Many negative effects can come from abusing drugs or alcohol. If someone is abusing a drug like cocaine, the effects of substance abuse include a “crash” where the cocaine user experiences depression, anxiety, and feelings of fatigue. The only thing the user can do at this point to relieve the pain is pursue the acute desire for more cocaine to get rid of the crashing feeling.

Both alcohol and marijuana can come between the person and their motor control skills, and both of these substances have played a role in auto accidents. For weeks or even months after using hallucinogenic drugs or marijuana, the user can feel the effects of substance abuse through flashbacks. If the user has a sudden abstinence from the drugs or alcohol, most likely they will experience withdrawal symptoms.

The Devastating Effects Are Not Limited to the Addict

The effects of substance abuse on the family can be devastating. If the user has a preoccupation with the substance, along with effects on mood or performance, these can lead to poor work performance, losing a job, and even marital problems. Drug usage can disrupt family life and encourage codependency or destructive behaviors. The drug user can be enabled by family members who do not know what else to do. Many times, enabling includes supplying money, covering the drug abuse up, or being in denial. Women who use drugs while pregnant take a much bigger risk of having lower weight babies. The worst effects of substance abuse are that some babies have been known to go through withdrawal symptoms.

The effects of substance abuse on a person’s health and the body can be either permanent or temporary. The effects can worsen with more frequency of abuse or a longer duration. The effects of substance abuse can also include domestic violence against family members, and higher risk of suicide. Getting professional substance abuse and addiction help is important to ending the battle with this problem.

Don’t Let Addiction  Ruin Your Life; Get Help

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