Signs of Opiate Addiction

signs of an opiate addictionThere are obvious signs of opiate addiction that are obvious if you know what to look for. Opiate addiction is not something that anyone wants to admit to having, and the loved ones that surround the opiate addict sometimes have a hard time determining if opiate addiction is present. This sometimes occurs because of the addict’s ability to hide the addiction, or in most cases the loved ones are not familiar with the signs of opiate addiction.

Common Signs of Opiate Addiction

To determine if you or your loved one may be dealing with a life-threatening opiate addiction, the first common signs of opiate addiction you should look for are:

• Doctor shopping to obtain prescription medications that contain opiates
• Frequent mood swings
• Changes in behavior: depression, excessive energy, or aggression
• Changes in appearance: Poor hygiene, weight changes, unhealthy hair and skin, tooth decay
• Losing a job because of opiates
• Quitting or failing school
• Social withdrawal

These are good indicators that you or your loved one are dealing with a severe opiate addiction. Even if no obvious signs of an opiate addiction are apparent, there are long-term and even fatal side-effects that can occur with the most minor cases of opiate addiction. Look for other warning signs in their behavior at home, financial struggles, and social schedule. If these appear to change into something that is not normal, opiate addiction may be the cause.

Get Help if You Notice These Signs of Opiate Addiction in Yourself or Others

The next step for your loved one or yourself is to get professional help. Call now to get one step closer towards a life free from opiate addiction. Get help today if you notice these signs of  opiate addiction in yourself or others.

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