Opiates are easy to obtain in today’s society.  You can go to the store, doctor, or street corner and walk away with some form of the many opiates available.  With so many individuals being prescribed these drugs today, availability is hardly a problem.  They are found in any neighborhood across the United States.

opiatesThe Dangers of Opiates

With the poor economy, many people have resorted to selling their prescription drugs for a high market price.  Even young teens have begun stealing prescription drugs from parents or loved ones as a way to obtain opiates.  Some problems with this, other than the obvious health issues, is the ease of availability.  Prescription opiate addiction is as deadly and risky as smoking or injecting heroin and the dealers are also just as dangerous.

Most opiate abusers and addicts think that they are not in danger because their drugs were prescribed by a medical professional; however, this is untrue. When you are thinking that your doctor is the safest way to obtain opiates to feed your addiction, you need to consider that using prescription opiates can lead to chronic illnesses and death; even if a doctor prescribed them to you. Obtaining opiates on the streets is easy, but it is also deadly.  You can be killed over money, poisoned, or overdose because you do not know what else might be in the drug. Opiate addiction is deadly and dangerous no matter how the drugs are obtained.

Get Help for Your Addiction to Opiates

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