Heroin Addiction

heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is dangerous, and  has serious short-term and long-term side effects, including death. Heroin is illegal and one of the most abused of the opiates, and  is mostly sold as a white powder or as a brownish powder and also a black sticky substance which is called black tar heroin. Much of the street heroin has been cut with drugs or other substances such as starch, sugar, quinine, or powdered milk. Most  heroin users will not know how strong the heroin is or the actual contents and can have an overdose and can even cause death.

Heroin Addiction and Disease

Heroin addiction can also cause problems with the spread of HIV, and many other problems that may occur when someone shares needles. Heroin is mostly snorted, smoked, or injected. It is common for a heroin user to inject up to four times daily. Intravenous injection will provide the best intensity and also the quickest onset of euphoria, usually in seven to eight seconds. When  heroin is smoked or snorted, the peak effects are felt usually in ten to fifteen minutes.

Heroin Addiction | How Heroin is Used

Snorting or smoking heroin will not give the addict a rush as fast or as intense as with intravenous injection; however, research has shown that all forms of heroin are addictive. There are short-term effects and also long-term effects with heroin use, and withdrawal symptoms often start within twelve hours after stopping the use of the heroin. If you know someone with a heroin addiction, please seek help for them immediately.

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