Helping a Teen Drug Addict

Drugs are rapidly becoming more popular today. More and more of them are available, and this includes older ones as well as the new.

Teen Drug Addict

Teen Drug Addict

Teens seem to be flocking to them, and sooner or later some will become addicted. In fact, about 27 percent of students in all grades have used drugs during the past year. This is about 1.5 million across the nation. When your teen becomes addicted to drugs, you can and should take some steps to help them, and to get professional help for them.

Be Prepared for a Slow Process

At some point, you will need to confront the teen about drugs. The first response may be to deny it. If this happens, you really don’t want to get angry because it may cause them to think twice about going to you for help in the future. It may take some time before they admit that there even is a problem, but hopefully they will before it is too late.

Understand That Drug Abuse Doesn’t Get Better

When teenagers get started on drug use, it does not mean that all of them are going to become addicted and spend years on the drug. However, statistics show that the earlier a teen starts on drugs, the more difficult it will be to successfully treat it later. The sooner that treatment can be started, the more likely it is that it will succeed.

How Teens Get Into Drug Rehab Programs

Many teens need to go to a drug rehab program where the treatment is more likely to be successful. Unfortunately, about 51.2 percent are sent there by the court system. Of those who go there between 15 and 17, one-third have had treatment before. Many who need treatment are not getting it.

Indications Your Teen May Be on Drugs

When a teen starts using drugs, there are some clues. Knowing what to look for can help you identify a problem. It is common for young people to start using them at 12 or 13. About 1 in 5 students will be using marijuana in high school. Things to look for include a loss of interest in activities they were previously interested in, changes in their school performance, loss of memory, emotional swings, changes in their friends, and possibly depression. They may also become very quiet about their newfound friends.

Benefits of a Drug Treatment Center

One of the best ways to help a teen who has become addicted to drugs is to give them an opportunity to get away from the source of the problem and get a new start. Putting them into an inpatient treatment center can make the difference between success and failure. They also:

Provide a safe environment
Provide a drug-free environment
Get expert personalized and group counseling
Create a support group
Learn about drugs and prevention
Establish a daily routine

Before a teen is enrolled in a drug rehab center, a lot of friction is often taking place at home. A center can help to provide a family with a new start, hope for the future, and give a new outlook on life to your teen. Instruction is also given to help the teen know how to relate better, live better, as well as know how to cope with a drug problem.

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