Drug Rehabilitation Statistics

There are countless people in America today, young and old, who are addicted to or abusing drugs or alcohol as a way to escape life, and drug rehabilitation statistics help reveal how serious these facts are. Drug addiction and abuse is growing in America and around the world. The following drug abuse statistics display some aspects of this growing problem:

• Seven percent of people in America 12 years of age and older have admitted to using illicit drugs at least once in their lifetime.

• Twenty-two percent of people 12 years of age and older have openly admitted to binge drinking at least one day in the past 30 days.

• Ten percent of teens ages 12 to 17 are binge drinkers.

• Eight percent of people 12 years and older have used an illegal drug in the past 30 days.

drug rehabilitation statisticsThese individuals are in need of help in overcoming their addictions and recreational use, and drug addiction rehabilitation is a positive option that is difficult, but can be achieved if an individual is willing to work through the struggles.

Startling Drug Rehabilitation Statistics

Even though drug rehabilitation is ideal for recovery, a lot of people just do not have the motivation or desire to remain sober for life and these people are what cause some drug rehabilitation statistics to remain so low.

Drug rehabilitation statistics:

• As little as 3 to 5% of individuals who are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction actually seek help from a drug rehabilitation center for their addiction.

• Twenty-four percent of recovering addicts drop out of treatment before completion.

• Only 44% of recovering addicts actually make it through drug rehabilitation the first time.

• Over 48% of recovering addicts drop out of their drug rehabilitation program before completion because they are incarcerated or for other personal reasons.

Think About the Drug Rehabilitation Statistics and Then Contact Us for Help

Whether an individual does not recover from their addiction due to legal issues or because they are not willing to give up their addiction without trying, these statistics would be much lower. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, think about the drug rehabilitation statistics and then contact us today to get started on your recovery.

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