Drug Dabbing: The Dangerous Way Teens are Getting High

The trends of substance abuse tend to fluctuate quite regularly as time goes on.  One substance or method of use becomes extremely prominent for some time and then lessens as a new one comes in.  Of course, there tend to be separate trends for each category of substances as well. As far as the trends of marijuana, there have been several different ones that have held their spot in the limelight for some time. The most recent trend as of late has been marijuana dabs or dabbing.

What are Marijuana Dabs?

Dabs, also called wax, shatter, honey oil, and several other names, is essentially a form of marijuana concentrates.  The form is created by using butane extraction to obtain the psychoactive ingredient (THC) of marijuana by first soaking it in butane, and then typically pushing it through a filter.  The end product is a brownish or yellowish substance that resembles ear wax, which is where some of the names come from.

Because of the method that is used to create the substance, this form of marijuana has much higher concentrations of THC than traditional uses like joints or pipes.  A typical joint can contain around 15% THC, whereas these concentrates can contain around 90%.  Even though they are both forms of marijuana, the effects of dabs are not the same as using traditional forms. And, because of this, there can be several dangers associated with dabs, such as:

  • Manufacture – The production of this substance is one of the most dangerous factors of it. Because the process employs butane, there can be the risks of fires and explosions.  Stories of house fires and explosions from this have actually even begun to make the news.  Plus, the use of butane can leave potentially harmful toxins in the final product.
  • Usage and Overdose – Being that this form of marijuana has much higher concentrations of THC, it can create much more potent effects. It largely increases the potential for marijuana intoxications.  Overdose from typical marijuana usage is generally thought to be near impossible, but with dabs, there have already been cases of this occurring. These cases have displayed effects such as vomiting and loss of consciousness.
  • Addiction – There are many that say addiction to marijuana is impossible, but in reality, addiction can be developed to anything. With the higher concentration of THC in dabs, tolerance can develop more quickly, which then requires the use of higher doses to produce the same effects, and could potentially lead to the development of addiction down the road.

With the prominence of dab use increasing quickly, especially among teens and young adults, these are all issues that must be watched for. This trend has already shown some dangerous potential, and so it must be monitored and mitigated as it continues.

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