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Opiate Comparison: Get to Know the Dangers of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone


There are many different types of substances that are problematic within the realm of addiction. Every single day, people are developing addictions to various substances and this adds to the millions that are already struggling. Some categories of substances have tended to be larger problems than others when it comes to addiction. One of the […]

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Do Addicts Actually Find Inspiration in Motivational Quotes?


You may not be the kind of person who finds much personal value in motivational quotes, but just as likely you may be one of the many people who find recovery inspirational quotes to be very meaningful and stabilizing. Motivational Quotes Depending on the person, an individual struggling with or recovering from addiction may find […]

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4 Holistic Ways to Keep Your Mind Clear and Healthy

holistic treatment

As a society, we have a certain negative view of addiction as an avoidable problem that afflicts people who have no morals or self-respect. However, research shows that many people struggling with substance abuse originally turned to drugs or alcohol simply to make themselves feel better or to deal with stress, and stress has been […]

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Do Teens Still Find Drugs Cool: What Parents Can Do To Prevent This Perception

teens and drugs

The United States every decade sees some kind of problem come and go, some of which stay and cause problems and wreak havoc longer than others do. What can be known for certain though is that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a growing issue in this country, one of which absolutely does need […]

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Is Physical Therapy the Key to Ending Opioid Dependence

physical therapy

Addiction is a very interesting condition in a number of ways. This is largely due to the fact that each case is unique in many different ways, which means that there is no uniform or standard treatment for it. Sure, there are therapies and methods that tend to have higher success rates than others, but […]

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How to Prevent Drug Overdoses

overdose prevention

Substances continue to cause an extremely wide range of issues within our modern society, such as the many lives continuing to fall into the hellacious condition of addiction. There is also the direct health impacts that various types of substances can have on people, with one of the largest of these being overdose. When a […]

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Synthetic Drugs and Their Effects

synthetic drugs

Many different substances are used and abused by people within our modern world. Some of these stem from a natural source, such as marijuana and some opiates, whereas others are completely synthetic, meaning they are manufactured by humans in some way. There are numerous types of these synthetic substances, and unfortunately, many of the illegal […]

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The Side Effects of Crack Use

crack effects

There are several different categories of substances that can be quite addictive to individuals. Some of these substances have an important medical purpose in the society, whereas others are illegal and used only for the purpose of getting high. The latter types are commonly referred to as street drugs, which can encompass many different substances. […]

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How to Treat Cocaine Addiction

cocaine addiction

Cocaine is likely not as prominent as it once was, but it is still used by a large amount of individuals. Many continue to struggle with addiction to cocaine, and they often must seek treatment to be able to overcome it. There are several different types of treatment for cocaine addiction within our modern society. […]

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Drug Dabbing: The Dangerous Way Teens are Getting High

drug dabbing

The trends of substance abuse tend to fluctuate quite regularly as time goes on.  One substance or method of use becomes extremely prominent for some time and then lessens as a new one comes in.  Of course, there tend to be separate trends for each category of substances as well. As far as the trends […]

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