Alcohol is America’s number one most abused substance, and alcoholism affects a large segment of our population costing the economy billions of dollars a year. What is alcoholism and how does it affect the ones we love?  How can we cope with it and help you or your loved one onto the path of the straight and narrow?   It is helpful to learn about alcoholism and its related statistics so you can recognize this debilitating disease and why it is such a problem in America today.

The Dangers of Alcoholism

First, alcoholism can be a very slow, degenerative disease that can take years to become a problem. What can start as a harmless diversion from everyday life can turn into something that takes all your time and money, destroys careers and marriages, and leads to health problems and death. Over half of the adult United States population has had experiences with alcoholism, with over 25% having experienced it in their home while under the age of 18.

Alcoholism can lead you down the path to where you no longer can function without the alcohol, leading you to beg, borrow, and eventually steal for an alcohol addiction.  With 20% of crime in America being linked to alcohol, it has become a severe problem to communities around the country, filling jails and prisons with people that have committed crimes while under the influence of alcohol.

Get Help for Alcoholism

While we have shown the increasing burden that alcoholism has become on every level of the infrastructure of the country, the biggest problem comes down to how it affects you and the ones you love around you. The toll it takes on your family, job, and health is tremendous. You need to get help for any addiction you have today.  With all the resources out there to help with alcoholism, there is no reason not to get all the help you need to get off of this self-destructive path, and become part of a healthy society now.

For more information about alcoholism and help for it, please contact one of our professionals today.

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