Alcohol Addictions

Alcohol AddictionsAlcohol addictions can come in many forms. Some individuals develop an addiction at a young age, others at older ages. Some began drinking alcohol with friends or peers only for recreational purposes. Others develop alcohol addictions from drinking alone. Drinking alcohol is considered an acceptable form of entertainment in almost every society. Celebrating over champagne, sharing wine with a meal, and having a few beers with co-workers are common interactions that people often have with alcohol. However, heavy consumption of alcohol and for long periods of time can lead to an addiction. Because of this social acceptance of drinking, it is hard for many individuals to recognize that they have a drinking problem.

 History of Alcohol Addictions

There is a distinction between alcohol abuse and alcoholism or alcohol addictions. Alcohol abuse is considered five or more drinks for men or four or more drinks for women on one occasion. Although alcohol abuse does not indicate alcohol addiction, it is a precursor and leading cause to how a person develops alcoholism. Individuals who have a family history of alcoholism are more likely to drink heavily or develop alcohol addictions. Alcohol addictions are different from alcohol abuse in that there is a physical dependency present for alcoholics. Without consuming alcohol, with an alcohol addiction, a person will experience withdrawal symptoms. This situation can be extremely dangerous as the person’s tolerance increases and their drinking behaviors become more extreme. Individuals who are particularly at risk of abusing alcohol include college students and other individuals who are a part of a social environment in which they are targeted and expected to consume large amounts of alcohol.

 Get Help for Alcohol Addictions

If you or someone you know is suspected of having any form of alcohol addictions, contact our professional counselors at Best Drug Rehabilitation today and get the help you or your loved one deserve.

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