Addiction happens when a person becomes physically and emotionally dependent on drugs. It is often triggered when a person starts taking a drug to escape the stress of daily life or because they feel that the drug will help them have more fun at a party. After repeated use, they become physically addicted to the drugs. Other cases of addiction occur with individuals who use prescription drugs to manage pain following surgery or chronic illness. Often, they fail to follow the recommended dosages and develop dependency to these painkillers. Some people remain dependent because they feel as if their life is not something they want to face, while there are others who wish to get off the drugs, but intense withdrawal symptoms force them to take more of the drug.

Losing Sight of Your Goals and Future

addictionAddiction can turn someone with goals and a future into a failure without anything in life to look forward to. All they think about is how they will find the money to obtain more drugs. Their life spirals out of control and before they know it, they are addicted more than anyone would ever want to be and can’t see any way out.

Although many people think that it is okay to try drugs, the best choice is to say no. It only takes one hit of some drugs for a person to gain the addiction, and after that a life of pain will follow. They face the possibility of losing everyone they love and everything they own due to drugs. Many will even die due to overdose.

Make the Change Before It’s Too Late

Overdose is common for many drug addicts because the body becomes physically unable to get high from a smaller portion of drugs. Many times they will ingest more and more until they overdose and either die or remain in a coma for life. Addiction will ruin everything about a person’s life if it is not stopped, so make the change and get into a rehab for addiction before it is too late.

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