Addiction Treatment

How do you know when it is time to get help for drug or alcohol abuse?  One thing to consider is whether these activities are more important to you than spending time with friends, family, or work.  Most addicts find excuses to avoid social contact of any kind, unless they are among people who are partaking of the same substances.  This is a good indicator that there is an addiction problem.  Some signs to look for include:

• Financial problems
• Loss of friends
• Divorce or dysfunctional relationships
• Health problems

Most addictions involve certain patterns such as:

• Begin the day with a hit or a drink
• Memory loss when using
• Ignore financial responsibilities to have money for the substance
• Tolerance levels have increased

If any of these signs are noticeable in your life, it is time to seek professional treatment.

A Treatment Plan You Can Trust

Addiction treatment

Upon entering our addiction treatment center, you undergo an evaluation by one of our knowledgeable professionals. You need to be open and honest about your drug use and any problems in your life that resulted from the addiction.  During this interview, you help create a treatment plan that you can trust and that suits your own special preferences and needs.

If the extent of your addiction requires residential addiction treatment, our facility offers a secure, comforting environment where you share the recovery experience with many others who have struggled with the same problems you are now facing.  Here, you learn new coping skills and gain insight into why you became involved with drugs to begin with.  Once you understand the truth about addiction, you are better equipped to eliminate it from your life.

Group therapy and individual counseling are the foundation of our addiction treatment program, but we also offer a variety of classes and activities to help clients become motivated and gain the confidence to go out into the world and begin a drug-free lifestyle.

You Can Benefit From Our Expertise

During your time in our addiction treatment program, you learn to let go of old behaviors and attitudes and learn how to harness your inner strength to help you stand strong in the face of temptation after you complete the program and are out in the real world.

Take the first step to a life without drugs by calling us now.  At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we know what works and want you to benefit from our expertise in addiction treatment.

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